Dr. Aikins preparation for mediation includes his background as an educator, a college dean, a real estate broker with over 300 listing and sales of homes that involved win-win mediations, twenty-five plus years of law practice and trials in the areas of employment law, real estate, personal injury, police misconduct. He tried 25 employment cases, 12 criminal cases 4 police misconduct cases and several personal injury cases during over 25 years of practice. His education includes a B.A. and MA in Political Science from California State University, Los Angeles, an Earned Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Southern California and a J.D. Degree from Western States University College of Law, Fullerton, California. He is the Founder of the Academic Booster Movement in California, having served as Charter President of the first Academic Booster Club at Edison High School in Huntington Beach. He is a lifetime NAACP member and has served as President of many community organizations. In addition he is a Provider of MCLE Programs, Provider Number 18810. He has completed over 1600 hours of MCLE in legal and mediation matters.

His preparation to become a mediator includes completion of Pepperdine University’ s Straus Mediation Course, “Mediating the Litigated Case,” “Basic Mediation Course of 30 Hours” from Los Angeles Bar Association, and an “18 Hour of Practicum” course from the Los Angeles Bar Association and many other ADR/mediation sessions at conventions. He has counseled hundreds of college students, mediated real estate matters and voluntarily mediated employment cases.

Dr. Aikins approaches each mediation with specific and flexible plans to get the job done. Ultimately, Dr. Aikins believes that when parties find themselves in litigation, it is best to focus on the positive and to constantly remind the parties that they are different sides of the same coin and despite the frequent power imbalance they may have come to the table, “in different ships but they are all in the same boat now.”¹

Selling over 300 single family houses, Dr. Aikins learned the beauty of negotiating where the outcome is a win-win situation and not a zero sums game as it is so many times in the practice of law. At its core, mediation may be defined as a mutual face-saving device where the mediator nudges, pushes, pulls, kicks, jumps and skips to coax the parties to a place where they are able to avoid the worst outcome of a situation, the ultimate zero sums game: trial or arbitration. 

Mission Statement

  • To ethically resolve cases and issues in the best interest of all sides and never lose sight of my bearings, common sense and integrity. 
  • To drive to ethically resolve cases and conflicts in the best interest of all parties and all sides while never losing sight of my bearing and fundamental integrity.
  • To use all of the tools in my mediation kit to achieve a successful mediation.
  • To never, never, never give up on resolving a case entrusted to me to mediate.

 My 10 Mediation Rules (Evolving!) 

  1. It’s a Process Stupid!
  2. It is not about ME!
  3. Show Empathy (not sympathy)
  4. Be kind
  5. Be Optimistic
  6. Ask Questions/Clarify Responses/Learning
  7. Follow the Dance as needed—coaching/teaching/clarifying
  8. Timing—Facilitating—then Evaluating as Needed
  9. Use Impasse Breaking Tools
10. Persevere—never, never, never give up!


¹Attributable to Rev. Jessie Jackson.



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